Shannon Friday is a licensed Master Putter Fitter with Edel Golf.  Shannon is one of Edel's top fitters in the United States with the Edel putter fitting system. Edel Golf is the leader in creating customized, handmade putters and wedges in the golf industry.

3 Step Putter Fitting Process

Our 3-step fitting process begins with a basic but crucial truth: golfers see differently. Each golfer relies on their eyes to set up a putt, and most golfers – even the best players in the world, touring professionals on the PGA Tour – have imperfect visual aim. It is the reason that rifle sights are adjustable. In any target oriented sport, you must have the ability to aim at the target. It is very rare when any two people have the same aim pattern. Our proprietary fitting process insures proper physical putter aim and alignment.


Our first step is to assess a golfer’s aim. The golfer aims at a small laser projector that looks similar to an actual golf hole. When the ball is removed, the laser beam reflects off a mirrored putter face, which projects onto a black screen positioned vertically behind the projector, This shows the difference between the golfer’s aim and the actual target. This process incorporates both aim and loft.


After the golfer’s aim is determined, the second step is to find the right fit to insure proper aim. Edel fitters have access to our proprietary system of up to 273 million component combinations made up of various putter heads, hosels, offsets and lie angles to find the combination that corrects the golfer’s natural aim. Additionally, while aim is very important, speed merits special analysis. Our process incorporates the proper head weight, shaft weight, shaft flex and counter-weight to control speed dictated by each golfer's stroke pattern.

Creating the Putter

Once the diagnosis is made, Edel utilizes that information to hand-mill a custom putter to a perfect fit. Old-fashioned craftsmanship and modern technology are coupled with the highest quality materials to create a putter that feels right, looks great, and is customized with the golfer’s name or other personal information stamped into the putter with their choice of paint color.