Shannon Friday is a licensed custom fitter with Edel Golf. Shannon is one of only 50 fitters in the United States with the Edel putter fitting system, and one of 53 fitters in the U.S. with the Edel wedge fitting system. Edel Golf is the leader in creating customized, handmade putters and wedges in the golf industry.

Edel Custom Wedges

Every Edel Golf club is built from the ground up. Literally. Over the past two decades, David Edel has had the opportunity, and luxury to collaborate with the game's best instructors in the development of our equipment. It's where our best ideas come from. When you spend your life on a practice facility you know what players need.

Several years ago, GOLF Magazine Top 100 Teacher and Golf Digest Top 50 Instructor Mike Adams began to notice that the vast majority of his students (90%) were setting up to hit wedges with their weight in a right of center position and leaving it there. The results were predictable. Skull, Shank, Thin, Fat. Higher scores.

After lengthy study, Mike determined that the cause was the club. In the golf industry's attempt to create a solution for tight lie shots they mass produced wedges that did not have enough bounce for most players. No other clubs in your bag interacts with the ground like your wedge, it's where you can be the most creative. Edel Golf has created a proprietary fitting system for wedges, much like it has for putters, to insure you are playing with the proper amount of bounce, and can hit the shots that lead to lower scores. Simple? "Yes." Ability to manufacture by the hundreds of thousands? "No."

Edel Wedges come in 8 different bounces (from lowest to highest degree of bounce):

1. Sweeper
2. Picker
3. Nipper Wide
4. Nipper Narrow
5. Pincher
6. Trapper
7. Driver
8. Digger

To improve the playability of the club we have made some other changes.

1. Through the grinding process we are able to move the center of gravity (COG) of the club to the center of the clubface, creating a true center of percussion. Current wedges on the market have a COG closer to the heel; which forces the golf ball to be addressed in that location, allowing for a higher probability of a mishit.

2. An expanded groove pattern that promotes higher and more predictable spin rates.